Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Oh to be in the mountains

among the ice and snow.

The fading days,
the beaming rays,
the wrinkles all a glow.

Oh to be in the mountains
where time takes a different beat.
          Thoughts clear         
as does fear, 
from many hours on your feet.

A moving meditation.
A silent appreciation.

Oh to be in the mountains.
Oh to be..


Monday, May 18, 2015

where nothing is something

... and something is nothing?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

the west without us.

When the bison gather in large herds like this I enjoy imagining what it must have looked like to be an indian cresting a rise above a lush valley 200 years ago- a sea of brown below, with sagebrush, winding streams, and not a fence in sight... (Anyone looking for a good read I highly recommend My Life as an Indian by James Willard Schultz which paints vivid pictures of these scenes.)

To those of you who can't fathom humans having a big enough impact to effect the climate, I ask you to consider the decimation of the buffalo, the clear cutting, deforestation, acid rain... Humans have done a lot of harm, reversing some, or at least halting it, and causing irrecoverable damage at times. Let us learn from the past and #actonclimate before it's too late!

Here is a list of 8 ways you can do your part:
1. Stop buying plastic
2. Make your home more energy efficient
3. Vote with your dollars (buy local!)
4. Eat less meat & know where it came from when you do
5. Decrease your transportation carbon footprint
6. Recycle, compost, and reduce your waste as much as possible
7. Tell your representatives you care about the environment and ask them to vote for action on #climatechange
8. Teach our children to do the same

and two more from friends on instagram...
9. Don't step foot in big box stores
10. Get rid of your television

I'm not perfect, and you won't be either, but at least we can try, and together it makes a big difference.