Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jess is Moving to Hawaii

Here’s a few fun shots from a breakfast we had this morning  to celebrate Jess and her many adventures to come. Enjoy Hawaii chica! You are wonderful!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Green River

Crazed without sunshine, following 3 months in Alaska, Connor & I were craving hot weather, and warm water. We had no idea what a magical place we were about to venture into.

It was Stella’s first big river trip.

The Green River is a bird paradise. The subtle sounds of chirping; a constant lullaby and the sweetest morning serenade.

Our entire culture is ADD; it’s necessary to step back and take time to reflect. The river will accept nothing less. One can only go as fast as the water is willing to take him. The ebb and flow of life takes over as the current soothes the soul. Everything is connected. After all, the same water being floated was underfoot only months ago in the snow filled mountains of Wyoming.

Here, water wedges trenches in the earth, exposing wrinkles of the past. Our existence a mere blink, a moment, a spec of dust among a great wall of time.

Life depends on the river. So much could not exist without it’s meandering through this harsh land. Ease among the harsh desert moonscape; a vibrant labyrinth of nourishment.

It nourished us as well; a necessary escape from the heat.

Bird of paradise.

A great escape. A nice reality, if only for a while…

Dear Utah,
Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back in Montana

The Absaroka Mountains were frosted with fog on our way home from Chico this afternoon.

Drive Home from AK

Sunset Over Cardwell Hill in Southwest Montana. 2500 miles driven, 40 miles to go…