Monday, September 2, 2013


For Kevin; May you live forever among the grains of desert sand and on the breathe of the wind, soaring forever, winking at us all, from among the shimmering stars. This poem is for you and your beloved Margie. Your relationship inspired us all. 


Body and spirit in the deepest of love
dancing the dance of time.

Practiced and intentional
               they soar
          harmoniously [he be].

Others less in tune
     fumble- loosing the beat
eventually falling into a canter of their own.


Some dancers are simply born
rhythm radiating from within
[he] danced a tune of his own
understood mostly by [him].

But eminating light

Others danced along
Emphatically adopting [his] mood.

But body and spirit must part,
soul taking to the wind.
Sometimes right from the start,
sometimes merely weeks in.


Eventual separation looms.

,[we] as congnative beings,
it always feels too soon.

I surmise it must be better,
ripping a sleeve at the seam.
Two lovers disjointed forever,
spirit quickly taking leave.

Freed before the pain.
Gone before the sorrow.
Dancing among the stars
watching over [her] tomorrows.

Better to be quick.?
Drawn out departure is weary.
Though whether a slice or a tear
Separation is never easy.

So now [he] becomes the earth
present in all seen.

Beginning first as dirt.
Soon blossoming into being.