Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Northbound Once Again

There is something special about the north. It lures me closer and closer, farther and farther. Perhaps it is the magnetic nature of the pole or some sort to cosmic draw of northern light. So once again, I made my way to Bellingham and boarded the Alaska Ferry bound for Haines.

Some Orcas came to say hello and danced along the inside passage. Their savage nature disguised by their beauty as we watched safely from the deck of the Ferry.

One of the things that strikes me most in South East Alaska, is the remote nature of the settlements. Brian put it best, “Shit’s different up here.” Everything is a little more difficult. Food and supplies arrive atop massive barges. It is best to plan your grocery shopping accordingly.

The silence, solitude, and wilderness are the reward for embracing the difficulties that northern life brings. And for those willing to make the sacrifice, the reward is great.

We met some lovely folks on the ferry and had a memorable jam session that lasted well past the sunset on the deck of the solarium. These encounters remind me of all the incredible people in the world. There are wonderful people surrounding you every day, you just have to be open enough to embrace them.

 Alysa & Brian are two colorful characters that call Haines home. Alysa’s soothing country twang & Brians mandolin plucking skills are enough to soften the soul. A few passengers cozied up in the solarium and requested a lullaby. Alysa & Brian delivered, and cheerfully strummed on. Their company was a treat.