Monday, April 20, 2015

The Art of Numbers

Beau and I had a nice outing on Electric Peak yesterday. We were surprised how much of the approach we were able to skin. The exit involved some pretty all-time shwacking and navigating of fallen timber, but the final few miles through the sagebrush was quite a delight. Kept the packs light too, which makes all the difference.

One of many highlights yesterday included big 'ole bear tracks at 10,000 ft that were definitely less than 24 hrs old.!

This peaks been on the mental checklist for quite a few years now, nice to stand atop both her summits. Electric seems like a fitting name, vibrant vibes, and definitely an epicenter of energy as a central summit in the GYE. You could see the Tetons, Madisons, Lone Peak, Pilot & Index, and even faint summits of the Crazies in the distance. It almost seemed as though the peak was creating it's own clouds and weather as we waited for light in the Dogleg.

I've been really enjoying getting to know the Suunto Ambit and developing a greater awareness of the statistics of my outings. As a good buddy DR said, "There's an art to numbers."

iPhone photos- fast & light day ;)

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