Monday, January 21, 2013

Churchill Reflections Part 3

Snow softly fell as the sun rose over the southern horizon. The sky was gray and bland, but an excitement stirred amongst the great white bears as they frolicked in one of their most cherished substances: snow. The first significant snow of the season blanketed the tundra. After three to four months of a snow-free tundra, the polar bears rubbed and rolled in delight, cleaning their fur and enjoying the cool sensations.

After Leadership Camp 2012 ended, our first week of Tundra Connections began. When I was first brought into the PBI family I had a difficult time grasping exactly what Tundra Connections was. BJ, head of field operations for PBI, would explain that we did live webcasts from the tundra, but it was hard to image what that really meant, and how it actually materialized.


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